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The Berlin Animal in Gibraltar

So! I have just arrived from a delightful, tiring, refreshing, inspiring mission to Gibraltar and the south of Spain where I showed "Berlin Animal" on the glorious Catwalk provided by the good people of "Runway Gibraltar". This marks the rebirth of Pattison on the catwalk and I have come away with some excellent good publicity, a bunch of new friends, a plethora of fine photographs and a very pink body (particularly my bum!)

In the fall out I expect there will be a good deal of follow up from new customers and some excellent inspiration for those who are already smart enough and trendy enough to employ my services. I expect that with my new found vigor and dedication to keep up the momentum you will see a good deal more of me, my wares, and what will ultimately develop into a jolly good tan (particularly on my bum)

Looking forward to officially launching the site in a few mins and hearing your feedback on all the ridiculous things I have spelt incorrectly or misrepresented or completely failed to mention. However for now ... I intend to chill the frack out and have a well earned voddy xxx

xoxo The Berlin Animal.

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