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Trish !

In honour of my amazing mumma Patricia Pattison or more informally know as Trish on Mothers day (although slightly late) I hereby enter the verb "Trish" into the urban dictionary for immediate appropriate use.


The verb "to Trish;"

1) In a swift and effortless fashion make all things clean, orderly and restore balance to a chaotic world, surface or living quarters.

2) To effortlessly and artfully manifest feasts, and tasty morsels of sustenance from raw ingredients and serve them to the undernourisehed, the hungry or the paying customer

3)A "Swift Trish refers to the act of spiffying up you domicile in expectation of visitors

4) looking "Trishy" is a compliment which refers to someones general state of easy elegance and tidiness

Note to mother: You are an excellent Trish and we miss you very much xx

Reply from said Trish: You are crazy but thank you for making me laugh! xx

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