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New Zealand born designer / tailor Michael Pattison and founder of Fusion Factory divides his time between fashion, food and events in his relatively new found habitiat, Berlin. The fashion element consists now primarily of tailoring unique pieces for his long time customers and new found fans from around the globe.

His often vibrant designs, and use of bold print, make for distinct yet ultimately wearable pieces for both men and women across a broad spectrum!


The Berlin base "Fusion Factory" is a dynamic concept space for fashion design, gastronomy, photography and catered events, developed by Pattison to combine his passion for fashion and food. Through Fusion Factory Pattison offers a platform and technical assistance to local creatives from which they can design, produce, shoot, exhibit and or sell their work.


Having completed his Bachelor of Fashion design in NZ in 2002 Pattison launched his eponymous label and operated a succesful business from Auckland flagship Atelier and Boutique for 10 years before up and leaving to see the world. 



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